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  • Developed over the last 11 years by Dr. Stephen Traynelis.

  • Simulation and analysis of ion channel kinetics.

  • Waveform fitting of kinetic models to up to 15 experimental macroscopic waveforms (NEW!).

  • Stationary variance and spectral noise analysis.

  • Over 120 pre-configured kinetic models for ligand-gated channels and other channels to choose from!.  More coming!

  • Smooth numerical integration and Monte Carlo simulation of kinetic models of ion channel function.

  • Microscopic rate constants can be dependent on up to 6 different drugs or voltages. 

  • Stimulus and voltage waveforms can be created or imported from ascii files.

  • The user interface was designed for intuitive point-and-click flexibility in model building and analysis. 

  • Macroscopic currents, synaptic currents, extracellular recordings can be analyzed in detail:  peak detection, decay fitting, rise-time, latency, area, etc. (New!)

  • Are you worried about incompatible data file format?  Don't you worry!  Channelab is bundled with ABF Utility Program, which will convert any kind of data, whether they are Mac files, PC binary files, ASCII files, or even your own proprietary format.  Inquire us about your data file.  We will have the answer for you.  (Click for the list of data file formats.)

  • ChanneLab is a perfect tool for analysis and teaching.

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for Neuroscientists.

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