Channelab: Single Channel Modeling Program

Single channel simulation and analysis
  • Simulation of single channel traces based on ion channel kinetic models.  Smooth numerical integration and Monte Carlo simulation of kinetic models of ion channel function. Simulation can be displayed as current, conductance, occupancy, or number of channels.
  • Single channel dwell time histograms (open/shut time histograms) for simulated data plus data records from the QUB suite of programs can be fitted using maximum likelihood fitting.
  • Microscopic rate constants can be dependent on up to 6 different drugs or voltages.
  • The equilibrium probabilities of occupancy of all states can be calculated at any time point for concentration dependent models
  • Stimulus and voltage waveforms can be created or imported from ascii files.

Variance Noise Analysis

  • Instant display of mean difference trace.
  • Generation of variance-mean plot and least square fitting to obtain single channel conductance of total number of channels (click for screen-shot).
  • Simulation of Popen-Variance curve based on single channel parameters..

Spectral Analysis
  • Instant display of power spectrum and spectral density plots.
  • Least-square fitting of power spectrum to Lorentzian function (click for screen-shot)
  • Simulation of Lorentzian function based on Lorentzian parameters

Macroscopic current analysis

  • Macroscopic current waveforms for simulated data or experimental data in Axon ABF format and ATF format can be analyzed.
  • Determines peak, baseline, latency, risetime, width, area, and decay taus of a waveform.
  • Automatic exponential decay fitting by least square.
  • Convenient zooming and panning feature for easy display of trace..
  • Automatic analysis entire file of many sweeps can be performed.  All the results are displayed in a table, which can be exported easily.

Waveform Fitting (

Other Features

  • The program also allows simulation and off line correction of series resistance filtering.
  • Digital Gaussian filter and noise generator.
  • Easy import of data and easy export of results.
  • The user interface was designed for intuitive point-and-click flexibility in model building and analysis. 
  • Quick start tutorial and fully integrated Help system exists for all functions.
  • Strong technical support as well as expanded functionality based on user needs will be provided for Channelab.

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