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Synaptosoft Inc.

Order Procedure

1. Youshould download the demo program and try it out. After downloading the demo file, double click on this file to start the installation.  Follow the instructions to finish the installation.
2. If you like the program and like to register, you can register by running "Online Registration" command under help menu of demo program. Or fill out the on-line order form.
3. Once we receive the order form, along with hard drive serial number, we will send you a registration key for your hard drive via e-mail attachment.  During regular business hours, you can receive the registration key within an hour. Then we will fax you or mail you the invoice.

4. All you have to do is to place the registration key in the program directory of Channelab.
5. Following options are available for payment (please indicate payment option in the registration form);

Purchase Order, Personal Check, Money Order, Certified Check, VISA, Master, American Express (Fax us the credit card information)
***Please make sure checks are drawn by an American bank. Otherwise, it will be sent back.
5. Please send a check to our address below.

Transfer of registration ( Free of charge! )

In case of hard drive crash or computer upgrades or any other situations where you have to reformat the hard drive, you can simply transfer the registration to a new hard drive by sending us a note with the new hard drive serial number.  The sole purpose of hard drive serial number is to prevent from illegal copying.  It is never meant to limit the use of the program. 

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To contact us:
Phone: 770-939-4366
Fax: 770-939-9478