Submit Your Model

Submit Your Published Kinetic Model to ChanneLab!

The list of published models will be continually updated in future versions of ChanneLab.
The most recent configuration files specifying published models can be downloaded from Models page.

Submit your model to ChanneLab by sending the configuration file as an email attachment to:

The number of integration steps should be set to generate error free waveforms in the RK4 numerical integrator mode.  In addition, all analysis/fitting/fit limit parameters should be set so that analysis of macroscopic waveforms can proceed. 

Be sure to include the reference and a
PDF file of the paper (for our records) in which the model is presented.

By submitting your model in the growing list of models available to all users of  ChanneLab, you will facilitate evaluation and understanding of your work by others.

Submit your model and share your knowledge!

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