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  • Easy Articles lets you organize scientific journal articles into one simple, personal database.
  • It lets you archive the results of your PubMed searches in your own database with a simple drag-drop.
  • It will download and link PDF files to your database automatically.
  • It will let you generate bibliography for your manuscript with a simple mouse click.
  • It will let you link any number, any file to an article.
  • It will eliminate the piles of paper articles from your desk. 
  • You will never have to search through manila folders for that critical article, which you happened to have misplaced! 
  • You will wonder how you would do science without it!

What people are saying about the program.

"Easy Articles is a powerful tool that lives up to the claim that it will revolutionize the way we locate and organize literature. Working through the PubMed window, Easy Articles not only identifies the articles of interest but, in most cases, automatically produces a pdf copy on your computer. Where the automatic retrieval does not work, I find that it is a simple matter to open a window through our library web site and obtain pdf files through the library subscriptions. I now do all of my PubMed searches through Easy Articles. The ability to store and file non-PubMed pdf files is also very useful for internal lab documents (methods, etc.), specification sheets, or whatever pdf comes along. If you have more than 6 pdf files on your computer you need Easy Articles!"
James Kenyon, PhD, Professor, U of Nevada.

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