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Oct 1, 2003
Modified to accommodate PubMed changes in Medline format..
Feb 3, 2001 Click for Newsletter
Modified to accommodate PubMed changes in Medline format..
Sept 27, 2000 Click for Newsletter
Upgrade v2.1.  Automatic download pdf files from over 1000 online journals through LinkOut of PubMed.
April 24, 2000 Click for Newsletter
Upgrade v2.  Link any number, any type of files to an article.  New database interface for Articles,  Authors and Journals.
March 14, 2000  Click for Newsletter
Upgrade v1.2: Generate bibliography for Journal of Neuroscience.  This is the first of journals that Easy Articles will implement.  Tell us which journal format you want to add.
March 1, 2000  Click for Newsletter
Update: Importing EndNote articles and exporting articles as Medline citation added in v1.1.6.
February 25, 2000  Click for Newsletter
Version Release: Version 1.1.0 is officially released. 
January 2000
The first version (v1) was released for beta-testing.
December 1999
Initial ideas are put into flow charts.  The development of initial version started on Dell Latitude LM Pentium 133 notebook computer under Visual Basic 6.0.

Update ScienceDirect, Ideal, Springer journals, get pdf files directly
V2.0.8 Adding Checked article from ScienceDirect Search.  New buttons for print, ScienceDirect.  Adding new journal title fixed (for J Physiol)
V2.0.7 Fixed the runtime error during drag-drop in empty area of TreeListbox.  Transfer articles from two database bug fixed.
Link Pdf from Journal website has been fixed with non-HWP journals.
V2.0.5 Get Journal Info through PubList in Articles menu. Reload pdf from Journal Website under Link Pdf menu of Articles menu. Automatic scrolling of treeview and article list when reached top or bottom.
V2.0.4 Import Reference Manager articles.  Open pdf in Acrobat.  New England Journal of Medicine automatic download pdf. Pdf download dialogbox, allowing canceling of download. Exapnd tree to different levels.
V2.0.3 Fixed EZA file add bug for non-Pubmed article.  Fixed Linked Files menu displaying when n=0. Icon changed for linked files (with green color icons).  Shortcut mouse click for linked files.  Added option to turn off automatic download pdf file.
V2.0.2 Search journal info from PubList.  Update High Wire Press Journals.
V2.0.1 New pdf download engine.  No more problems of automatic download. Automatic download journals include Nature, Nature Neuroscience, J Neruophysio, J Physio (London). New Database view of Articles, Journals, and Authors. Related Articles search.  Link any number, any type of file to an article. Update list of journals in PubMed.
v1.2.4 Author search window.  Quick search improved.  Favorites are sorted.  Added URL for "List of Instructions for authors" .  Update non-Pubmed article by drag and drop.
Moving tree-folders by drag-drop.  Accomodates recent changes in PubMed to a new interface.  Locate article when adding if it already exists.  Fixed a bug that goes out of program when deleting duplicated article.
v1.2.1 Advanced search allows searching of articles without pdf file linked.  Fixed author list with a comma at the end.  Print articles list as a hard copy.
v1.2.0 Generate bibliography for Journal of Neuroscience.  Bug fixed for favorites edit function.  Allows changing of default address for PubMed Home and Adv Search button.

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