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Getting Started : Manipulating Tree-Folders, adding an article, linking a pdf file.

  • First you should change the name of database name that appears in the tree-folder box on the left hand side of the main window.  The default name is "Default.mdb".  You should change it to a name that you like by clicking on this name and simply typing. (Click for Illustration)
  • You can add a tree-folder by running "New Folder" command under Tree menu.  You can add unlimited number of tree-folders.  Then you can start adding articles to tree-folders. (Illustration)
  • You can add an article from PubMed search by drag-dropping  an author list of PubMed search results. (Illustration)
  • You can manually link a pdf file by drag-dropping a pdf link in Jouranl Website. (Illustration)
  • Don't forget!  Right clicking on a tree-folder or an article will bring down the pop-up menus. (Illustration)

There are many different ways to add articles to your database.

  • Drag-drop of article from PubMed search result.
  • Check-mark PubMed search results and run "Add Checked Articles" command under Tree menu.
  • Copy a title phrase and run "Paste title search" command under Tree menu or drag-drop selected text from any source onto a tree-folder..
  • Add a EZA file by drag-drop or copy paste operation.
  • Add a non-PubMed article if article is not posted in PubMed.
  • Add a copy of article in different tree folder by simple drag-drop from the article list box (This operation doesn't duplicate an article but simply adds a link.  You can also move an article by pressing "Shift" button while drag-dropping.)
  • Exchange articles from another database by loading additional database.  This lets you see the trees for both databases.  Then simply drag-drop articles to add or move articles.

There are several ways to link PDF files to your article.

  • Drag-drop of article from PubMed search result will automatically download PDF files from the publisher's website if you have an access and if the journal is hosted by High Wire Press or by other online publishers (ScienceDirect, Springer, InterScience, etc.) that provide online articles.  The pdf files are stored in a subfolder with name of your database + ".pdf".. 
  • You can manually download PDF file and drag-drop it to an article in the article listbox.   The downloaded pdf file will be copied into the pdf directory with the PMID as the name of pdf.
  • You can link by displaying the PDF file in the web browser window and running "Link a PDF from current window" command under Articles menu.
  • You can download a PDF file to your local hard drive and run "Link a PDF from local drive" command under Articles menu.
  • You can copy and paste link a PDF file by copying from any file explorer and running "Paste link a PDF from Clipboard" command under Articles menu.

There are several ways to exchange articles with your peers.

  • By sending email attachments of EZA file.  EZA file is a new file format that can be generated from Easy Articles by running "Save Article as EZA file" command under Articles menu.  After saving your EZA file, send an email to your colleague with EZA file attachment.  Upon receiving, your colleague can drag-drop the EZA file to his tree folder to add to his or her database.  The program will automatically add and link the PDF file.
  • By loading additional database file.  If your colleague is within reach of MS network,  you can simply load your colleagues database file by running "Load Another Database" command under File menu.  This will bring up the database with the whole tree and you can exchange articles between the two databases.
  • By sending reprint requests to the authors an article.  You can search for the authors information from Society for Neuroscience website and extract the information from there.  If there is an e-mail address, you can send a reprint request to the first or last author by running

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