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"Send Reprint Request to Author" command under Articles menu.

Setting up Journal Website address for automatic navigation

  • If an article is from a publisher with non High Wire Press, you can enter the web address by highlighting the article from the articles listbox and running "Goto Journal Website" command under Articles menu.  It should ask you to enter the address, enter the known address.  Next time the program encounters any articles from this journal, it will automatically navigate to this address. 

Importing and exporting articles
  • Currently, you can import articles from EndNote.  In EndNote, open your library and run "Export" command under File menu.  Please make sure that the styles setting under "Styles" menu is set to "Annotated.ens".  This generates a txt file with all the articles listed.  Then go to Easy Articles and run "Import EndNote Articles" command under Tree menu.  It will go through each article and do a Paste Title Search for each article.  It may not find all the articles but will find almost all of the articles through PubMed search.
  • You can export the articles in Easy Article as Medline citations by running "Export as Medline Citations" command under Tree menu.  This will generate a txt file with the Medline citation for each of all articles in the highlighted tree folder.  You can then go to other programs such as EndNote and import the articles using Medline import filter.

Generating Bibliography with a mouse click
  • Generating a bibliography is a snap with Easy Articles.  You simply select a tree folder that contains list of articles and then run "Generate Bibliography" command under Tree menu.  This brings up a window with a list of Journal formats.  This command quickly generates a reference list that is saved as a html page and displayed in the browser window.  You can highlight the entire texts and copy-paste into your manuscript.  The list of available journal formats is growing and if you have a journal that you would like to include in the list, please contact us.  We can easily add the journal format.
  • One way to organize your articles during your manuscript writing is to make a temporary tree-folder and start putting in articles that you are referencing in your manuscript.  After you are finished with your manuscript, you can generate bibliography of the entire tree-folder with a mouse-click. 

What is a non-PubMed article and what is the use?
  • As the name indicates, non-PubMed article is an article that is not indexed or posted in the PubMed Medline database.  Easy Articles allows users to add any type of articles or any documents with or without a PDF file.  This means that you can basically store anything with title, authors, and journal or name of publisher.  You can even put a store catalogue with PDF catalog linked!   You can add a non-PubMed article by running "Add a non-PubMed article" command under Tree menu.
  • In  most cases journal articles are published before PubMed can update their database for recently published articles.  In this case, you won't be able to find the recent articles in PubMed, but you would want to store in your database as a non-PubMed article temporarily and then later update through PubMed when the article is posted to PubMed database.  This can be done by running "Update non-PubMed article" command under Articles menu.  You should search for non-PubMed articles by running Advanced Search for non-PubMed articles to update.

How to backup and why you have to backup.
  • Many people don't realize the importance of backup, until they experience a total loss of their data.  It is essential for you to backup your database with PDF files regularly.  Currently you should use the command "Backup Database" command under File menu to backup your data.  It generates a folder with today's date and copies database file (mdb file) and copies all the PDF files in the sub folder with the name of database.   

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