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How to get the hard drive serial number.

  • Hard drive serial number is a random number that is generated by DOS or Windows every time you format your hard drive.  It is NOT a model number or serial number of your physical hard drive. 
  • You can obtain hard drive serial number by running "Get Hard Drive Serial Number" command under Help menu of Easy Articles program.

Do one get access to 'all' pdf-articles which normally request personal subscription, without having any?

The program makes it easy to link, download, organize, and view the pdf files but it doesn't provide you with access to pdf files. It will give you automatic way of downloading and linking pdf files, provided that you already have an access to that journal. But eventually, I expect all the universities will provide access to journals and more people will have access to pdf files. PubMed is designing and implementing the PubMed Central, from which people can download pdf files from different journals for free. Most of the pdfs from PNAS are available from PubMed central now. If you are amember of Society for Neuroscience you should have a full access to J of Neuroscience. Another advantage of this program is that it is easy to send reprint requests to the authors and you will have another source of pdf files, the original authors.

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