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Mini Analysis Program is an essential  program for neuroscientists who are studying spontaneous activities

It detects peaks of any type, any shape, any direction, and any size.  It's flexibility allows detection of virtually any kind of peaks you can imagine, such as, spontaneous miniature synaptic currents and potentials, action potential spikes, calcium imaging peaks, amperometric peaks,  ECG peaks etc.  It includes the
complex and multiple peak detection algorithm!  (Please check out the Gallery to see the program in action.)

The strength of the program does not end with the sensitive detection, but really shows off its capability with the powerful
post-detection analyses. All of essential plots are just a mouse click away.  You can get useful statistical parameters instantly, without any aid of expensive statistical programs. Group Analysis provides specialized and detailed analysis options for action potentials, decay fitting, fEPSP/population spikes, amperometry, etc. (See the detailed features in the Features page.) 

Version 6 now adds automatic digital filters and frequency spectral analysis tools (

Are you worried about incompatible
data file format?  Don't you worry!  The program is bundled with ABF Utility Program, which will convert any kind of data, whether they are Mac files, PC binary files, ASCII files, or even your own proprietary format.  Inquire us about your data file.  We will have the answer for you.  (Click for the list of data file formats.)   

Now, over
1000 laboratories in the world are actively using the program. (Click for references)  And every week, more and more scientists are  joining the growing list. (Click for list of users)

Please try the demo program:  With Mini Analysis Program you will save lots of precious research time!

ABF Utility solves your data file worries.

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