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  • Fully functional in Win 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP.  Easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Mac users can run this program with PC emulation programs, such as Virtual PC 2.0 or Softwindows.
  • Bundled with ABF Utility Program, which lets you convert any type of data files to ABF format and analyze them with the Mini Analysis Program. The utility can also merge multiple ABF files into one comprehensive file.
  • Extremely sensitive detection algorithm - uses 2 thresholds and 5 parameters to detect any kind, any direction, any shape of peaks!!. (Check our Gallery to see kinds of peaks that Mini Analysis can detect.)
  • It detects multiple and complex peaks!!  It automatically adjusts the baseline of closely occurring peaks by the method of exponential extrapolation of decay.
  • Automatic detection of peaks, or a simple mouse click to detect 
  • Visual representation of detected peaks, plus many shortcut keys, help quickly review the detected peaks to either reject or add.
  • You can detect virtually infinite number of peaks per data file. The actual limit is set by your computer memory and resources.
  • Events are stored in a separate file, which is linked to a DAT file - file size is extremely small (1000 events < 50 kb).
  • Events from many data files can be combined via DataArray and then be ready for plotting, data analysis, mathematical operations, etc.
  • Automatic Digital Filters and frequency spectral analysis using fast fourier transform (NEW!).
  • Easily calculates inter-event intervals, auto- and cross-correlation.
  • Mathematical operations on DataArray lets you easily transform your event data.
  • Calculates all the statistical parameters of the detected peaks (average, standard deviation, standard error, mean frequency, etc.) with a single mouse click.
  • Quickly plots all the plots you can possibly imagine, including frequency histograms, cumulative histograms, X-Y scatter plots, and even 3-D scatter plots
  • Multiple plots can be easily combined on a same plot for quick comparison.
  • Fully customizable, publishing quality graphs.  You don't need any other expensive graphing program. 
  • Grouping of events let you analyze separately according to certain criteria. Traces for detected peaks can be grouped, averaged, and fitted for exponential function.
  • Specialized waveform analyses in the group analysis include: action potential waveforms, exponential decay fitting, amperometric peak, fEPSP/pop spike and foot analysis, random-walk modeling, and electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis.
  • Individual events can also be fitted for exponential function.
  • Powerful statistical functions (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, paired t-test, f-test, linear regression, etc.).
  • All the plots, traces, and data can be copied onto clipboard or saved as ASCII file for easy import and export to other programs like Excel, Sigma Plot or Origin.
  • Batch analysis lets you acquire data today, analyze overnight, and look at the results next morning.
  • Comprehensive help.
  • Data file header can be viewed with a mouse click.
  • Fully network compatible - can analyze data over the windows workgroup network.
  • Easy installation of the program with popular Wise InstallMaker.

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