Q)  When I run the program I can only see the part of the window.  Why?
A)  The problem is due to the screen resolution.  The minimum resolution of screen should be 800X600 at small fonts setting.  Try to change the screen resolution in windows settings to 800X600 or higher.

Q)  What is the Hard Drive Serial Number and why do I need it?
Hard drive serial number is a random number that is generated by DOS or Windows every time you format your hard drive. It is NOT a model number or serial number of your physical hard drive.
You can obtain hard drive serial number by running "Get Hard Drive Serial Number" command under Help menu of the demo program once the demo program is installed.

Q)  I am running Mini Analysis Program, and like it very much. However, according to the web page, it is supposed to have some curve fitting, averaging, etc., but I don't see that in this version. Have I downloaded the wrong version?
A)  Your problem can be solved by understanding the concept of "grouping events".  Once you detect the
minis as events, you can group the events into different groups, depending on different criteria, such as
amplitude, rise-time, decay-time and so on.  This is achieved by going under EVENTS menu and clicking Group by Criteria Search command.  You can also individually group an event by clicking the right mouse button at a peak in the display window or the grid.  You can highlight many events in the grid and group them by going into EVENTS menu and clicking Mark Events as Group command.  Once you have grouped the desired events, you can now analyze the grouped events separately by clicking EVENTS menu, Analyze
Grouped Events command. This brings up a window with some parameters such as Type of analysis, number of block to display, group number, etc and a Start button.  After you set the parameters, press the Start
button and you will see the traces aligned to the peak.  The rest should be self-explanatory.

Q)  Most of my data are recorded in the current clamp mode.  Can this program detect events of a voltage trace?
A)  This program can detect peaks in voltage unit as well as any other unit.  The absolute values are maintained in the file. 

Q)  I was able to detect events with relatively clean data, but I am concerned that it will be difficult to detect with noisier data.
A)  This program uses area threshold as well as amplitude threshold.  A peak arising from noise should have relatively small area under the curve.  So if you increase the area threshold, you should be able eliminate most of the peaks due to noise.

The minimum resolution of screen should be 800X600 at small fonts setting.

Ask us any questions, you will get an immediate answer.

Hard drive serial  number is necessary for registering a copy and for copy protection.

You can perform group analysis and curve fitting after you mark some events as a group.

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